Complaints to HS2 Ltd

Councillor Trevor Wright has reported that there had only been 10 complaints in the past 6 months.  We suspect that this 6 month period ended before the current works began.

Cllr Wright believes that HS2 is likely to regard the number of complaints as indicative of the severity of the problems, in other words, they will think few complaints=few problems. Warwick District Council is “encouraging people to use the process for any complaint whatsoever”.

If you have any complaint, do please make it known to the HS2 Ltd Helpline, or Tel. 08081 434 434
If you don’t get a satisfactory answer, and you quite often won’t, tell them you want to escalate your complaint and send a copy of the correspondance to Jeremy Wright MP. If it’s a serious matter, send him a copy in the first instance, preferably cc so that HS2 Ltd can see that you’ve done so.

An example of an unsatisfactory answer is this.

Complaint: vehicles driving around and flashing lights at 2 and 3 am up near the woods.

Response from the Helpline: our contractors work only weekdays and during the day, so the disturbance must be from some other source.

Sensible response given at the Weston drop-in: it was the security team, who have been told to be mindful of their neighbours.

It’s worth persisting.

Some excellent advice from Facebook posters:

Make sure to get the complaint ref number. Ensure that you make it VERY clear your call or email is NOT an enquiry but an official complaint. You require a complaint ref number within 2 working days along with the name of dedicated person who is dealing with it and expect a full reply within 20 working days.