Help sought locally for project on HS2

Photography lecturer Stuart Robinson has asked CAG for help contacting local residents. Below, he explains what he hopes to do and how you can help:

“I am a local photographer and a member of the local community of Cubbington. I am currently embarking on a photography project about HS2 and its effects on our communities. The project I am undertaking is both a landscape and portrait project, focusing on individuals and their stories of how HS2 will affect them and their community.

I am looking for people to photograph from the community and keen to hear your stories on how you may be affected by HS2. It may be that your residence or business is directly affected or that you are simply opposed to the plans and what it may do to our countryside. I am interested in photographing portraits of people of all ages, with the idea of using the images as a narrative of how our community feels. Using portraiture and landscape photography to show that these changes are affecting real people with real stories.

If you would be interesting in being a part of this photographic project, I would love to hear from you. It might be that you are happy for me to photograph you, your surrounding landscape/town or that you would like to tell me your story of how HS2 will/is affecting your community. You can email me at”