HS2 review announced, but work proceeds regardless

On Wednesday of last week, a Government review into HS2 was announced. The “independent” review will be led by Doug Oakervee, former Chair of HS2 and the panel includes certain others whose independence is questionable.

However, work has not stopped up at the woods, despite the announcement of the review. The hedge near the pear tree was torn up, and a rough road is being laid along the southern edge of the wood.   Anti-HS2  and environmental campaigners are protesting against the continuation of works during the review and before the project has been given the final go-ahead.   We have been told that “extensive vegetation clearance” is due in September, and feat that this involves the destruction of the central swathe of South Cubbington Wood.  We would like your support to attempt to stop all work now, pending the outcome of the review. 

Here are some photo of the area as it looks now.

  B for bats??

Photos  1 and 2 J Collett    

This and following photos: F Wilmot

The two notices above show areas for “habitat creation” in light green and what is to be created or installed.  Note that the pear tree field and those around it were much used by skylarks in spring, and a meadow area by the Leam, a favourite spot for butterflies, has been now planted with trees: that’s two types of habitat destroyed.

There is a petition to stop these works until the outcome of the review is made public,  Please sign it and share as widely as possible.

There is an HS2 Helpline that you can use to complain but we need to get the message through to the politicians. Please write to your MP, Jeremy Wright if you’re local. He probably has a FB page, but please write/email as well.  Please pass this on to everyone you can.

HS2: Freephone: 08081 434 434
Minicom: 08081 456 472

Jeremy Wright MP Kenilworth and Southam constituency, including Cubbington, Hunningham, Weston and Offchurch.

Matt Westerm MP (Lillington, Leamington and Warwick)

Any other consituency, look up, on which you can also track what your MP has been doing on your behalf.