Hybrid Bill in the House of Lords

The Hybrid Bill to enable the construction of HS2 has now reached the House of Lords Committee stage.  Over 800 petitions to the HoL Select Committee were submitted in April, including one from Cubbington Parish Council, which concentrated on issues surrounding South Cubbington Wood, the wild pear tree and the route proposed for construction traffic i.e. Rugby Road and Kenilworth Road.

HS2 Ltd has challenged about half of the petitioners on grounds of ‘locus standi’ and the intitial hearings for those petitioners who wish to dispute these challenges are due to begin on 7th June.  Cubbington Action Group decided not to petition as an individual body this time, but to throw its support behind the Parish Council.  Almost all local action groups’ petitions have been challenged by HS2 Ltd this time, as was expected.