Last Spring walk press release

Last Cubbington Woodland Walk on May 7th 2018


Cubbington Action Group’s last walk to South Cubbington Wood, where spectacular bluebells were blooming, took place on May 7th in a heatwave. It created a record with 47 people coming from Whitnash, Warwick, Kenilworth, Burton Green, Offchurch, Dorset and Cubbington – some of them locals who had never before visited the wood. There was a two month old babe-in-arms, several young children, grandparents and others interested in seeing the bluebells, one of nature’s amazing sights. Some came especially to see the famous wild pear tree which will be destroyed by HS2.

Action Group member Rosemary Guiot led them round the wood and muddy hazards, commenting on trees and flowers that will be destroyed by HS2 next year when construction starts. The veteran pear tree looked healthy with flowers on its basal growth too. Children enjoyed seeing bomb craters and tadpoles in the pool. There was a vast deep blue sea of bluebells among the trees in dappled sunlight, especially in areas where the HS2 track will destroy them on the edge of the wood. Peter Delow, the Action Group chairman who has devoted eight years of his retirement trying to save the woodland and pear tree for future generations, gave a commentary on HS2 developments.

One of the walkers was Pat Judson who commented “My family tree goes back to 1500 here. When I walk through these woods I feel my ancestors walked through these same woods too”.

It was an uplifting walk filled with birdsong away from the noise of bustle of everyday life, full of wonder at Nature at her best but also with great sadness knowing it will not be available for future generations.

Frances Wilmot

Cubbington Action Group Against HS2