Strong reactions to HS2 Ltd publicity drive on “green corridor”

There have been immediate reactions both from locals and national organisations like the Woodland Trust and the National Trust to HS2 Ltd’s recent publicity about the “green corridor” to be created along the HS2 line.  Note that this is not a new initiative on the part of HS2 Ltd: they were committed to doing it already, but are to receive more (public) money – they will probably need it as they are planting saplings near Kenilworth right now despite the heatwave: what percentage of them are likely to survive?  If you just look at one of these, make it the cityam link at the end, which includes an HS2 Ltd video with a few significant omissions.

Local reaction here

An earlier post from Warwickshire Wildlife Trust,5PSR1,MRH1MH,M9FA9,1

Woodland Trust

National Trust

And here’s the article with HS2 Ltd’s official line and video.  Can you spot what’s missing from the video illustration of the line?  Answer follows the link.

There will be electric lines and gantries to hold them running all along the line – not shown.  Note also that the only trees/shrubs allowed within 25 metres of the line will be evergreen, a measure aimed to avoid the “leaves on the line” problem.