Monthly Donation Scheme


Cubbington Action Group sometimes receives requests for funding from our national bodies, such as HS2AA and Stop HS2, to finance specific campaign projects or costs. CAG holds a ring-fenced ‘central fund’ alongside its general fund for this purpose.  Contributions to such projects are made only with the approval of your Management Committee.  So far we have been able to donate a total of £5,300.

This may seem a small amount compared to the money that our opponents have at their disposal.  However, with up to 70 action groups contributing, there is a much greater possibility of raising the large sums necessary to pay for essential professional services and other expensive items for the campaign.

Although we have received individual donations specifically to our central fund, its main income is from people who make regular monthly contributions by standing order.  Our target was to raise £200 a month.  Currently, the total  received each month is about £110 short of this target, so we need a few more people willing to donate in this way.  This may be for a fixed duration of the individual’s choice, and may be for any amount, however small.

If you would like to join the list of contributors please contact our Treasurer, Jan Tye (, who will send you a standing order mandate form.